Thursday, December 22, 2011


Before I even start I would like to clear all the dust around me that I'M NO WOMANIZER, nor a male chauvinist, so please please no foregone conclusions on this post, we can have a good conversation if you have a different opinion but please no foregone conclusions because all I write now are some of  my old experiences.

I was never a very popular guy, and I was never noticed in school, not that I cared about it too, but it dint matter back then, because hardly a few guys I knew had girlfriends. Times have changed, I'm out of school, heck I've even finished college and now I'm a new age professional with a decent enough life,
now coming to what I really wanted to say, you see times have changed, so have the men, but even more so the women, they have become LIBERATED if I go by what most people say, they have become modern, and they have become new age and what not bullshit you would care to say, but I dont see any of the so called traits that people want to endow on them, seriously been a long time since I've met a woman, more so a LADY, because if ur born a girl you grow to become a woman, but you need to work to become a LADY.
Men dont understand women, and neither do I, but come on, when you give a genuine compliment, why is it taken as a FLIRT, or if you make a move to get to know someone just because you found her interesting, why is it perceived as if you are hitting on her, I seriously fail to understand.

Women want true men, atleast thats what they say they want, but when you talk straight, its perceived as rude, and when you speak true it is seen as being blunt, come on ladies, what is wrong with you, I know there are way too many men out there who make passes, flirt, pamper, butter, and compliment, but sometimes when a genuine guy comes along you fail to make the cut because you are too busy to care, to notice, and all the men get in return is a blunt  girl who does not even care.
If you wish that  a gentelman come and sweep you off your feet then learn to be a lady, I know there are some ladies in the crowd, and I can see some of them, but they are too scared to take the plunge even when a genuine gentleman comes along, times have come when its easier to find a SEXY BIMBO, than to find a GENUINE LADY, someone who can actually reciprocate to your actions in the way of the word and who does not rush into preconclusions, you see most there are a lot of WOMEN, just too few a LADIES, and I'm not a woman's man, im a LADIES MAN, and I wouldnt even care to flirt with a true lady because a lady would know that when I give her a compliment, I do mean it , and I'm not just making a pass at her,
there are men who fool around but ladies if you are looking for a man in the crowd, you seriously need to put in some genuine work because like a man notices a lady, it is also important for a lady to notice a man, when a man gives a compliment , it is necessary to take it in true essence of  word,

and most of the things ive written is because its happened to me, when I give a compliment it is taken for a flirt, when I smile its taken as though  I'm desperate, when I make the first move to get to know each other its taken as im in a hurry to get a hang, I know im a little blunt around the edges and I'm a little covered in filth and am nowhere close to looking like BRAD PITT or  ASTON KUTCHER , of for the desi ones, HRITIK or SRK , and neither have the moolah to boast of, but please do remember that if you are genuinely looking for someone like a PERFECT MAN, please let it be known that there are none, so if you cannot compromise on a few things, please dont, but I can bet on hy head that you will either compromise at some point or will die single,

 so the next time someone makes a compliment or initiates a conversation, or maybe is a little blunt or not such a gentleman, please do probe beneath the surface to find out the truth as to why things happened, because if you rush to conclusions I'm pretty sure, you will be looking for someone for a long long time, and just so you remember, getting to know someone, and investing some time in getting to know a guy better MAY JUST CHANGE YOUR WHOLE LIFE !!!!