Friday, June 17, 2011


A few days back i had to make the trip to my mothers ancestral village located in one of the lesser known corners of sikkim, as always i was alone for the trip and had to go alone. I remember making that trip a lot of times since childhood and i realize that little has changed about the trip over the years. The road was completed in 1991 as far as i remember so i have been using that road from the early years of my childhood. Back then when the road came to be having a road in the village was a big thing in itself so i guess no one actuallly cared how good or bad it was as long as the odd vehicle was able to ply on it for most of the year. Thats how it started.

20 odd years have passed since , i've become older and many other things seemed to have moved on, a new generation of vehicles plies on that road, gone are the old jeeps, then came the "COMMANDER"", i take its name with respect, now is the time for sumo and maxx but all have the same old road to travel. The 11 odd kilometeres from PAKYONG the nearest town takes well over an hour that too if it is a sunny dry day otherwise you can expect to be in your seats for atleast a hour and half.
Now i know the era of the SUV has come in since a few years back, but unfortunately people from my moms village have none because i guess no SUV would have got a better road expesure better than travel on that road for a year or so, when you begin the trip itself you start to shake and sway and with potholes as good as small ponds and slush so deep that you could plant paddy on them without much effort you can just start imagining how good the condition of the road is. And add to that the numerous landslides and non availability of drains on the road and all the overflow passing through the road you get a bettter picture of what conditions are like, yet the people of the place still conmtinue to endure all that without any concern, why be concerned when all the system is pitted against you and you cannot grease the palms of the officials enough, imagine a road lying in dispair in our very own sikkim for over 20 years without any major mantainence, you begin to get an idea about the SIKKIM I COME FROM, the real sikkim far beyond the so called beauty and tourism potential of gangtok, far beyond the plastic exteripor of what most of you know about sikkim, the real sikkim, the true sikkim.
and BACK-BREAKER is a name dedicated to the road for every time i get back home to Gangtok all my bones are rattling and all my body aching, so if you guys have enough cash to BUY A GOOD SUV i would invite you all for a road trip to my moms village, trust me it will be worth the effort both for you and your machines for it is a shame to see the beautiful powerful and  (so called)  rugged  machines not see any real action on the field at all.

this post is written as an ode to the ROAD(so called) and the people and machines who brave it everyday, a silent salute to all of you !!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


no i dont want to grow up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i seriously dont want to fucking grow up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats what has been on the back of my head since the days my exams started getting over , so when  i got home all my cousins start calling me names and SIR bullshit , all i say to them is that i may be whatever at work but im just your brother at home so cut the bulllshit.
when u stand at crossroads you do not want to leave the past behind , as is the case with me , time is making me responsible and stuff but im not following it out of choice , its a compulsion i have decided to take on , but atleast at places other than work i seriously do not want to be that RESPONSIBLE BLOKE , i want to be the widely unruly , unpredictable and STUCK up kid that i have always been , holding everyone in confusion about what i will do next.

im not one of those people who do not accept growing up, i gladly accept it and will, but thats at work , not at home , so as long as i am here i would always like to be treated as a kid till the day my dad choses to pass on the baton of responsibility onto me
 and yes its my last month of freedom so making the most out of it , went to nainital 2 days after i got home , my cousins finished school from there and they had some reunion or stuff , they dint to go with their parents so i am the EASY PICK , responsible enough for my uncles and LIBERAL enough for my cousins , so i went along , got into the gang and though i seemed to be a little overgrown , once i got into the groove i enjoyed with those high school kids like i was one of them , felt like my own high school afterparty. and dad is finally smiling and joking  along with me when i chat with my parents in the evening , its a good experience being home as a grown up , but still unruly lad , SERIOUSLY FUN, growing up gives you the independence and being still unruly lets you have the fun , anyway when i home i hardly stay still , as in at one place long enough so the posts will only be a trickle ,
so until the last day of independence ends , i will enjoy home , will keep you all updated anyway about all the bullshit passing along
signing off on a cool himalayan morning . light drizzle and 18 degrees , with a light sunshine coming in through the window
KEEP THE FUN ALIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!