Thursday, January 5, 2012

YEEE HAWWWWW..............................

thats an interesting title, isnt it ?????
to hell with u if u disagree, and i never cared about what u thought anyway , its my blog and i write as much bullshit as i can and will continue to do so with complete disregard about what u think, anyway u guys never leave back a feedback so i ensure that until u start doing so i get to continue with whatever i like !!!

damn i do get carried away sometimes though as is what happened above, now about today , i set my alarm for 6, and it did its duty by trying to wake me up, but the poor me ditched its efforts dint go with the flow and on the pretext that i had 2 more hours to go until i had to leave kept sleeping,  and as is the case when u sleep when my eyes open and i check out what time it is , i see thats its 9:30 already, the last time im allowed in to register a punch in if im to be marked present for the whole day, so then i again sleep until 10, call up my boss and tell him that ill be joining him after lunch, and sleep again, and the best part, i actually have a regular job( we are not supposed to enjoy the little pleasures in life) anyway so then i do my usual little grooming (if u replace the little with SPARSE that would do it more justice) and i step out, eat breakfast( which happened after more than a month) and ride to office( on my bike, not my motorbike mind u). and here i am in the office writing away in all my glory even after all ive been through today (its a good life anyway, have fun when u can), unmindful of all the things that are happening around me, it sure is a good life ha , so say YEEEEE HAWWWWW and have fun .

thats for today though, and some other things have come too that have been nice to talk about, had a good new year start, dint have any plans but my rommies frens came over and we had a small party at our place, complete with dancing and hooting, much to the annoyance of the family downstairs, and then had dinner at 5( dinner or breakfast, call it whatever u like) and then without sleep stepped out for my sunday ride ( i do long rides on sunday), met people and i come to know of a plan that they wanted to go to a place around 80 km from here, beat that, but the normal me takes over and though a little sleep deprived i decide im up for it, so we ride out in the mist, and LO i do my first ride of over 100 KM IN A DAY (did 120) and although due to some change of plans we decided to decrease the distance it was fun anyway, and here is a pic too to remind u of the ride , and also an attachment to see how much i did that day !!
thats me on the halol expressway

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