Thursday, May 19, 2011

the E.N.D


tomorrow my exams are getting over, a chapter ends, the 5 year old me who went to hostel will be coming out a full grown MAN , long times have passed and things have changed, and no matter how much i say i will not i will miss this life, but the change has to come , and no matter how hard i try the change will come so it is in my best interest to accept it, i will cease to remain a student , i will cease to remain dependent on my dad for DOUGH, and although independence is far more enticing and alluring , the life i will leave behind will always remain in my memories ....................

i hope to remain the old me , the me that is so true to myself, the me who has a thirst for knowing things, a thirst for meeting people and seeing new places , a me who fought with odds , a me who was laughed at , a me people questioned what i would make out of my life , a me who always got a thumbs down, a me who always got snubbed, i so love this me ,

and i just read a post saying ""THE PERSON WHO LAUGHS LAST LAUGHS THE LOUDEST"", and after all these years i guess this is the first time i have laughed back, and trust me I COULD NOT HAVE LAUGHED BACK HAPPIER and  LOUDER , in the ultimate end its me who is laughing and you who is mum !!!!!

to all the people who laughed at me, who questioned me , who snubbed me, and who tried to break me , i thank you the most for finding a reason to push myself further (not harder, mind u) , thank u , and to all the people supported me , THANK U EVEN MORE, i hope i can continue being the old me , evan when i become a new me


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