Friday, July 15, 2011

just another time !!!!

As I write this post again I’m offline too busy to actually sit online and type this post , hopefully I’ll put it up in the evening, it’s been a great rolling week for me and things seem to be moving at the right pace and in the right direction atleast for the time being. It’s been a crucial time for me , and actually a long journey, from an oblivious village in Sikkim to the national capital working for a MNC who is renowned for its work culture. And the best part starts when I say that it’s a MATRIX organization and not a hierarchical one because I’ve never been a big fan of authority, things are going well , the integration program is awesome to say the least , they seem to have put a lot of work in it and the results I see in myself are great.
Also its been a nice treat coming here, people for the first time see me in the crowd, though I’m not much of a looker though (even though my mom says I look better than tom cruise with PUN fully intended), and also atmosphere is just great here with many such people as myself lets me know that I’ve landed in the right place unlike earlier times where I was always the odd one out. And u know what the best part is , since long, I was never fond of studies , I always put my time and resources into other things and activities I found more appealing and they have paid off real well, I speak to everyone in my batch, all 126 of them, my bosses are frank with me and all the activities like movie making , business things I’ve been doing decision making exercises that we have to do are actually not things that I’ve been doing for the first time , and when people said I was weird when I started reading BALANCE SHEETS since class 11-12 though I was no commerce student should know that we had a session on reading balance sheets through which I was just sleeping and yawning because I actually understood everything the instructor told us and later I cleared the doubts of my frens so the going here has basically been on a going good on a simple note !!!
Tomorrow am going to Baroda so hope things turn to be as good there too but anyway let’s see how things happen and will keep u all updated when possible so signing off until then !!!!!

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