Wednesday, August 10, 2011

experiences !!!!!

the past week has been a wonderful one for me , rather an interesting one if i could say so , things are going fine but imagine you meet someone u know after 7 long years and then as soon as u meet u become a partner in crime with that person, though the crime is just so that things can be set right but still u partner that person just as a spur of the moment activity, trust me it was one hell of an experience..........(sorry im bound to keep the details a secret)
and now comes the wonderful part , ive got back to reading and its been a while i had been reading but i finished 3 books in 3 days flat , not very bulky though but still three decently sized books finished , and then i realized ive done many things till now and have been exploring things too but more so there are some components of life ive left out , maybe not willingly but yes they had been left out but it was bout time i got back to attending to them as i could not leave them to be forever.
Ten years in boarding school can wreak havoc in ur life and thats what happened to me, other things are fine and got better with time but the one sphere that really falls apart in boarding school is the part where u learn to interact with the opposite sex, and altough it was  co-educational school things were no different from a boys school, and i got the basics all wrong there itself, and then came another time of havoc ""GOING TO A BOYS SCHOOL"" that was the icing on the cake if u can say that in matters of getting things wrong.

now comes the sad part , i went to a government college where the gender ratio is the worst it could be in the entire world and even worse went to a department in which there was 1 girl in a department of 245 people, now do u get the picture, things have actually been going from bad to worst and if there is another word that would do just fine in that direction, and now am stuck in an core engineering firm where all we have to satisfy ourselves and be content with is machinery that looks like someone took a BHADAKUTI (a game played by children in the Himalayas) and made things ultra large, to contemplate, where a screw and nut combination is about as heavy as 30 kg, now do u get the picture , where things are talked about in meters and tons rather than centimeters and kgs , and thats all i have to call for all day , and you know the large machines that we look at with awe when they are being transported, well i work in a factory that makes them, especially hydro components that are the biggest in India ,for example the heaviest coupling shaft (almost the same as a axle on a vehicle) that we manufactured was just 65 tons, so the picture is quite clear to u all, but wait what am i trying to get across, right ????????

now on the point , its as simple s it gets , im in Delhi for the last 45 days and i haven't got a taste of the ""DELHI LIFE"" that everyone who comes to Delhi so talks bout , so a longing to break free , the work ends at 5 but i have a life beyond that and what do i do then, no idea i guess because most of the people who i work with have no idea too, and its just great that these people are from Delhi and they have no fun, hell i even tried having fun on my own but im the stranger here so where do i go , i get a few references and i drop in to that place and have fun but u need people with u can have fun with and thats the part where things are so lacking, now i have said something about the socializing thing before , ive tried to better myself and have got rid of most of the inadequacies that plagued me for the better part of my life till now, so what the FUCK?????

come on lets get out and have some fun , and to the few people who do read my small WORTHLESS blog drop in ur suggestions about what i should do because im tired of asking the same questions to the same people everyday and if u r coming over lets catch up sometime, it would be a very welcome change to the company i usually have
catch all of u later and LETS HAVE SOME FUN!!!!!!!!

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