Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A leap of faith................................

when someone says "I NEARLY SHIT MY PANTS" and u answer I UNDERSTAND , you are usually just trying to imagine what it actually means but you never have been in one actually, similarly when someone says " I TOOK A LEAP OF FAITH" its the same situation , and in many more cases like this it is usually the same because we all try to imagine what that the situation was like because we cannot actually FATHOM the depth in the meaning of what he just said. i say this because i too was among those who used the TAGLINE " I CAN IMAGINE / UNDERSTAND" quite liberally and leniently.........

 but time comes and you some to understand that the terms you sometimes use are not as appropriate as they were, and the moment of truth for me happened 2 days back, everyone has one and this was mine.

the scene of that intense moment of realization was actually quite a lenient one, i was in Himachal on a trip and we surprisingly had a day off here (ive worked 5 of the first 7 weekends) so i took it in its stride and we made a plan of actually exploring the place !!!
so the plan was set and we went to a place called KHAJJIAR , awesome valley set amongst pine forests and all that , straight out of the sets of a romantic movie types,  so there was this oppurtunity for PARAGLIDING, the cost a little too high but after the initial hesitation , later i said FUCK I EARN SO STOP BEING A MISER and so two of us Mayanck singh

and me decided to go ahead and do it. so the stage was set, a adventure and an adventure freak mixing , a perfect setting for enjoyment, so made out way around 20 mins by car and 30 mins on foot to the adjacent hilltop and that was it !!!!

that was the take off area if i can call it that , so there was this steep slope that ended in a near vertical cliff and i was i can do it , so now the twist "HERE COMES THE FOG" and wait till it clears , took about an hour or so , was getting impatient , and then it cleared and THAT WAS MY MOMENT OF TRUTH RIGHT THERE, the thump of my heart was huge , the instructor cum pilot said , just run and run and you will be lifted off the ground, and on the top of the grassy patch was me hooked to the glider, and that was the MOMENT , yes that was it !!!
that was the time when "THE MOMENT OF TRUTH"
,"SHITTING MY PANTS","NEARLY PEED MY PANTS" and all that sort of phrases i had used without acknowledging their depth of meaning came in a HUGE FLOOD as i rushed down that slope towards a vertical drop, and the moment before i just took off was the scariest i guess i must have felt in my entire life!!!!!!
but i took off, and am alive to tell the tale , a lot more wiser and a lot more optimistic about LIVING THE MOMENT , a great experience in all. and i also know what BALLS OF STEEL means now , and shall hence forth use such phrases judiciously, also some pics that survived to tell the tale !!!!
P.S go for paragliding if u ever get a chance, its the closest many of u will get to flying and the lady who took of before me was over 65 years old so if her then why not you !!!!!!

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