Thursday, April 28, 2011

a long journey !!!!

been sometime since i last wrote, so i had the time today and its raining outside so decided to scribble a few words down when i could, well that was the concept why i started this blog anyway, much has ben said and done in the month, i completed last month's posts only this month so im in full swing to make sure i get this month's posts up before it finishes.
much has happened over the course over this month, most of the achievements have nothing great about them but i regard accomplishments of any kind no matter how small  to be worth it ,and yes im back to my SOLITARY life, alone and single, and most of the time really liking the experience atleast thats what i am good at i guess, and yes another big change happened too, i got an offer for a job i've been waiting a long long time, wow i feel so relived now, and have choices to make as to which one i should go for now, but i hope its the one i waited for so long
and college is almost over and i should be able to escape from here by the end of may, wow i had been waiting for this day for so so long and now its finally here, nostalgic is something i will not feel much about this place when i get out from here, made some good friends here who id like to keep in touch with, hope to cross paths with some and some are just a pure waste of memory
yes, the best part is im going to be earning soon, and its a good package too so thank god now ill not have to call papa up and say dad this month is proving to be a little expensive so can i please get a little more, not that he says he will not, he always gives me what i need but its sometime a bit inconvenient if i can use the word, but its fine and yes getting posted in Gujrat, Varodara. so from the far east directly to the far west, but a better place by far from this shithole so ill like it i guess, and more things come up now, holidays, packing and bye bye parties had a lot of them this month, enjoyed them too,  cant get much out of my head right now so ill hang up here, and yes please keep reading. i know i write bad but feels good i have 2 followers, already met one and as for the second, i guess i will be having my orientation in delhi for the first month or so, so i would love to meet u in person , maybe ask for a few tips too,
looking forward to a new dimension in life , hope it turns out to be a good one !!!!!

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