Thursday, April 7, 2011

March Diaries-3

I just posted the second edition of my March diaries and am determined to post the third instalment of the series so here I move though I guess its pretty late.
So as the second set of 10 days drew to a close I had a job, I could call myself an employed person (if I get my appointment letter later), well almost employed, and I could finally stretch and relax myself with the contention that 4 years of putting up with this place had finally paid off.
yes the third instalment of 10 days started with a bang as I would like to put it , you see we have a tradition of throwing a treat to the entire batch if we get jobs so it was out turn so on 21st we had our time, for I would always eat other peoples treats and wonder if my chance would ever come, well it definitely did come and came well at that too.
On the 22nd I was off to Bangalore or as they now call it Bengaluru, you see I had wanted to make this trip for a long time and I always wanted to do it as a student and it did happen, and all I can say about it was it was among the best laid back times I have had in my entire life.
College was on here, and I was bunking my class, and all I had gone there was to enjoy, and had a good time at that and met a lot of people too, some new faces some old but now that I know them all of them are old anyway.
Some people were fun, real fun infact, Maheep for one was one person who is a very good friend of mine, met him after 3 years, has become real WIDE now and if I don't meet him for another 3 years I have full reason to fear that he will be twice my size my then. Met Alvin da too, one of my real good seniors from school, had lost touch with him but thanks to facebook found him and now we are back in touch, has not changed at all although seemed a lot more mature than back than but still enjoyed meeting him after a full 10 years. Met Rahul da too, one of the people who inspired me to write, real good person, and a smile to kill for, totally the person i had imagined him to be and a real good person at heart. One of our dinners was at Nisha Di and Sachin Da's place, real fun people to be with , and great hosts and a great couple at that. Met Alisha too, one of the only good friends i have from the opposite sex, made her wait for 30 mins at brigade, but the smile melts all the anger anyway, met her after 2 years, she seemed very small, thugh she really is small, but she is still the smiley good girl I knew from school, has become more of a lady now but its all the same with all people I guess as time passed you got to grow up someday, met my brothers friends Vrij, Rahul, Tapan Da, the evergreen star Rob and Prakash. Would have liked to meet more people but i had a time constraint and some things dont work out anyway so left them at that.
I guess my brother deserves a para or so, so this para is for him, he was always the KANCHA (youngest) son type, naughty, complaining, rude and all that, and we both being in the same school our entire school lives I had to always fend for him, we went to the same schools and also were together in most of our younger ages. As all things change I had to leave him when I came to college and after that have met him just thrice for periods not longer than 5 days so it had been long since I had spent some time with him as an elder brother, so this was actually my chance, and it was him who was the actual reason why I visited Bangalore in the first place too, was actually surprised with him, has become much more mature and steadfast now, has shed the child phase behind and that brought a joy in me that he was finally becoming into a man, heck he even has more beard than I do so I guess he is indeed becoming a man.
Came back on the 28th and back to the Zoo as I like o call it and the month ended in a manner that set course to further my existence in life, altogheter a very satisfying time and a good month.
MARCH DIARIES !!!!!!!!!!!

P.S when I was in Bangalore I got that bad news that one of my batch mates hung himself , was a very unfortunate event and should never have happened, anyway for whatever you did it for I hope you find your rightful place in the afterlife ""REST IN PEACE ABISHEK SARKAR"" !!!!!!!!

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