Sunday, February 20, 2011


there is nothing in the world that can cheer you up the moment you start feeling ALONE .
thats just what im feeling now , all alone , called up some loved ones , spoke to them but there is no other feeling like being with THE ONE, the one the sight of whom is enough to make you smile , the one who makes all your sorrows and worries fade away, the one in whose arms you feel you are loved.
that feeling has forever eluded me , the warmth of the feeling is just a thought for me , i have tried to reform myself time and again, i do not imply that i have bad taste for i know i have a fine taste in women and i am proud of that , but the moment of getting myself together to get into the RELATIONSHIP comes , i have never been able to get myself together , seriously dont know why but i seriously hope i can get over that someday and until that day comes by the glorious SINGLE tag stays with me ..

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