Wednesday, February 23, 2011


i always end up helping out my loved ones sort their issues , the things that they would never have sorted out , the issues which bring their SO CALLED EGO"S in between , dont know why that ego thing pokes in between anyway.
i remember my mom telling me once when i told her that i would rather be a grounded person without an ego rather be one of those who attach the so called tag of self importance , ego and attitude to themselves to which she told me ""IKH NABHAKO MANCHE RA BISH NABHAKO SAAP KAILEI KAAM LAGDEINA "" (IN NEPALI - a person without an ego and a snake without poison are useless) to which i politely replied to her that  ""AAMA BISHWA MA SABEI BHANDA THULO SAAP HERUKO BISH HUDEINA HAI YAAD RAKHNU NI "" (AGAIN IN NEPALI - the biggest snakes in the world are the ones without the poison) she gently smiled to me after i had said that .
i have tried to shed to the randomness and be a little less cluttered and more organized in the sense , even shed my arrogance and ego, the attitude too in the process of trying to re-invent myself , or rather to redefine myself into a better person .
funny but true is the fact that i grew up in a boarding school where we hardly spoke to girls even though it was co-educational, after that to a boys school and now am in a clollege with a skewed sex ratio which makes all the ladies here think they are the most beautiful ones on the planet.
i seriously needed to sort my issues with the opposite sex and well am on the process and i have only tried my hand at trying to be better understand the opposite sex .
what the girls look for in a guy is something that has totally intrigued me but i hope i come to address the needs of one girl , atleast be able to understand her properly, and so the journey continues and all i can do until then is to help my loved ones sort out their issues properly and keep them happy and until the day comes i continue to wonder how i help other people find love again but am still SINGLE !!!!!!!!!!!

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