Wednesday, February 2, 2011

give it a THOUGHT!!!!!

wow!!!  i am 7 posts old now and its been almost a month too and  it has been a ride for me , the first post with the ""well's"" and so on , it been a learning ride for me anyway and its been kind of fun too, and i write all shit so dont mind the literature because if you are reading this post then you probably got a lot of time to spare anyway .
but that is not what i meant to write, i just felt it would be good to put that in too,
getting back on course , i am in my room , its been a lazy afternoon and does not seem to be heating up too so i was just thinking and a thought crossed my mind which really left me thinking, you know some things that just leave you totally engrossed, thats what happened with me a few minutes back so i decided to write it down just in case you people had time to go through it .....
unlike many of my friends who went to school with me , i came from a village , and we actually lived there all year round too, so it was not like BUSTY KO GHAR thing (country home), and i remember those times when i was a little kid , the earliest memories i have is of the time when i was around 5 or so , anything before that which i do remember is not clear so that is the first clear memory, those days were the good old days and they were really good , the roads were still unmetalled so we had the dusty roads , the type of roads we so despise these days, the idyllic village life, i was in boarding school since Kindergarten so i just spent my vacations at home, but i grew up as a village boy , and deep down me i still am a village although i hardly spend time there now due to various factors. I remember growing up in the village , speaking a very pure form of my mother tongue , getting to see the true culture of my people , and in the process learning it too, and i am proud to say i can seriously put most of my friends to shame if i start speaking it even today, learning all that , for now who knows the difference between a KACHIA and a KHURPA (do you ???) and all the true terms, a thing that today has become a rarity , eating food in a JHARKE THAAL (traditional plate made from a brass alloy) sitting in a PARAAL KO PIRA (mat made from hay)  , for how many of us have experienced it , and making a PLAEITI(crossed and folded legs, just like in yoga) when we have to take time to adjust to our position during DASEI KO TIKA(traditional festival) and BHAITIKA (another traditional festival) when we are left with no other option.
how many of us have access to the good life any more and do we even care ????????
the so called modern era dawned into sikkim only around the 2000's so when i see kids strolling around M G MARG these days (im one of them too sometimes when i'm home) i just remember those things and am left wondering
where is our culture ???????
where are our true traditions ????????
does anyone even care ??????
have we changed so much in such a short time that we do not even remember where we come from, who we are and what our identity is ,
when i hear kids say BUSTY KO GHAR GAKO NI CHUTTI KO LAGI !!!!(going to the village for the holidays) , i just wonder what the population of Gangtok was, for all of us came from the villages , if not all of us then definitely the most of us , all of us are here because of our parents who work here , so how do we assume that we belong here ??
i grew up in the village and i still come from there and when somone asks me even today if i am from Gangtok when i say i am from Sikkim i proudly say "NO , I'M ACTUALLY FROM A SMALL VILLAGE CALLED___________ IN SIKKIM" , unfortunately facebook does not have my village name so i make do with Gangtok and when i search my village's name the only substantial reply i get for it is its PIN code , yet i am proud of my place for that is where i am from, a place where my identity lies , and i know many of us wonder what the hell am i talking about , but this is the thing .....
first think  can you even speak your mother-tongue perfectly???
simple right , so trying doing it and i am pretty sure you would be disappointed with yourself, and i know you are probably going to turn around and forget all about it , but if you have even the slightest hint of responsibility within yourself i believe you would think , and think hard , for a person who cannot speak his mother tongue , is supposed to carry on the culture and pass it on to the next generation .
i shudder and think and only wish i do not fall among those who cannot take on that responsibility , but do you want to be one of them with whom all this ends ????
""Give IT A THOUGHT"", that's the least you can do ..........

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