Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Again !!!!!!

i can literally sniff the resentment now when i write this !!!!!!!!
getting back on track now , today i had a surge of emotion , a pain from within , a deep rooted feeling of being not wanted , not that i had not got much of it earlier but today it took me by surprise and completely overwhelmed me
i cried(dint shed tears BTW) inside myself , and i felt bad for myself, i went to a isolated location and came to terms with my misery , what else could i do for i do not want to take the help of alcohol though there are two full bottles ok whiskey lying in my room, but they are for good times anyway so dint solicit their help
so moving on , i finally decided to change some things for better now
hope i am sucessful with them , and i do not want to reveal what changes i have decided upon because i do not want to end up making a fool out of myself , but one thing is for sure that the guy who writes this blog tomorrow will not be the one who writes it today !!!!!!!!!!
best of luck to myself i guess !!!!!!!

have a good evening and i hope you get a life because reading my blog is the last thing even i would want to do , so please get a life !!!!!


  1. i have always been a very harsh critic of myself, and i always start off with the worst possible way, and that day was a bad day , a seriously bad one, anyway i usually have a big smile(read:GRIN) on my face no worries at that !!!!