Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thanks Dad!!!!!!!

please dont have some prior conceptions looking at the title and i am actually equally greatful to my mom too so nothing to hang on to here!!!
well nothing great to say here actually !!!!!!!!!!!
but guess i got to start somwhere anyway so here is my first leap into the seemingly unknown, well unknown to me for the start...........

well was going through a couple of blogs last night , well it was not just last night it was the whole day as well and in fact the time i had to spare before that too.
guess it had to start somwhere so here i am in this world hoping to write what i wish to , well somethings that i may not wish too(esp. when under influence) so i finally decided to have a start and well here i am writing something on and on, but well i hope it does not get too long too because i have a bad relationship with literature so well will try to do the least amount of damage as possible...
 essentially i should maybe have thanked the people who inspired me to write but that will follow soon after this so no offence and i will make sure i do full justice to your unknown stimulation that got my creative juices flowing, so hang on till then please
well i thought this over and i finally came to a point where i had to decide what i had to write in my first blog post so well i decided that it should be dedicated to the people who mean literally everything , i say literally everything because there is a small corner where other things that are also important for me are housed but as you must have figured out they are not as important as they are!!!!!!!!!

enough of the rambling so getting on to business well to be frank well i hardly have spent any time with them in my life , maybe i have spent more time in travel than i have with them, F*&k i've spent more time with my brother than with my parents ....
yet those two people are the ones i adore the most , and miss the most too, the missing part comes in especially because i have spent 14 years of the 21 years i have existed on this planet in a hostel and of the remaining 7 5 are between the ages 0-5 where i hardly remember anything so well you get the idea how much time i have spent with my parents!!!!
well i do not know how many of you out there had this too but you see i have been one of the more fortunate ones who have had the good fortune of having parents who believed in unconventional parenting, so over the years i have found them to be more good friends of mine than most of the people from my generation i know nothing great there, but well you see the very little time that i have spent with them have been the most fun filled learning experiences ever..... we were never pushed into anything and i really mean never ever , we always were told the pro's and con's of things an told to chose between them, i was never held by hand and tugged to follow my parents but always were encouraged to walk on our own and not fear to fall because they were just behind us but walk we had to ............
they have always left me FLOORED, but never GROUNDED , always encouraged me to move forward but never pushed me for it.....
mom has always been the soother as most moms are but dad is the one who always blows my head off and i say this literally because the last time i had my dad whip me was in Jan 1993, quite a long time back i say ha, i have never had an instance where i have been answered with a straight and blank NO in the face, maybe he never needed to but that is another story altogether .
some things i would like to relate should hlp get things in better light ......
the defining moment in my life was when i decided to study engineering ,and on top of that Mechanical Engineering, well this was a big tragedy in my family quite literally because i had done pretty well in the state medical enterance examinations and was therefore assured a berth in one of the better medical colleges of the country, imagine the disappointment my cousins and relatives had to go through when i broke to them the news that i would opt out of the seat......
well it does not end there anyway that year was 2007 and the software industry in India was in full BOOM and well since i wanted to study engineering why not opt for electronics or computer sciences they reasoned well i was not buying any of that  CRAP too, another insult to injury was left too , i come from a state where civil engineers are  treated like royalty , mostly because the huge wealth they have amassed at the cost of  simple populace of my home state so well no medical no computer no electronics so at-least study civil man !!

on the evening before the counselling my dad came home after his job and he was pretty tired too since he had had to stay late in the office..
he came home and after getting settled he asked me what i had decided to do and then i said that i still stood to my choice and the person who had been the most silent bystander all the way right from the date the results had been declared , uttered the most powerful words i have ever had someone tell me  in my entire life
he said ""see i will have to pay the fees and you will have to do the studying none of those people providing the free advice to you are going to be there or are they help you when you are in trouble
SO TAKE THE DECISION AND STAND BY IT and dont worry about anything else""
that sentence has been resounding in my head ever since and has changed the course of my life forever because i know he will forever be there behind me lest i fall !!!!!!!!!

 well will write more of these episodes in my later posts, i hope you like my first post and please share and comment , your comments make a world of difference to me !!!!!!!!

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