Saturday, January 22, 2011


have you ever tried tryingg to post a blog update when you are shit drunk well i am just trying to do just that so i hope this comes out pretty wll as my respect hinges on that
i am not drunk because i am having a rough hase but u see i am realy havinga rought ime and my friend got a job   in tata motos and ia juat got free booze and i decided to dink like shit

first i woul like to thank my inspiration wo i could nevrr do in a sane satae as i was busy with all bullshit  so thanks rahul da nd  avvantika for inspiring me to cool off and pour my bullshit into the net and if i am ever to thank u in person i always will and tahnk u again
also now coming to the reason why i am drunk
why the fuck am i drunk anyway , no rason  my fucked up brain can think of , anf of all fucked up things i could i even chatted for over an hour in a semi concious state on being happy with a guy i have no clue about
beat that ha
my room is in a mess because my friend decided to host his party in my rtoom
so fuck u asshole and you better come and clean up the mess in the afternoon because i am in no fucking way opening the door in the morning and i beter get some seep
what tye fuck i got drink without no reason and i have no idea why i am writing this blog post anyway but nyhow i guess u all are having a good sleep in ur warm beds when i am writing this post so fuck u assholes
i will get a bette r post when ia m sane ok
so fuck you and have a sex less night which i know you desperate souls will anyway
so fuck odff and clse this page ok assholes
get lost now
fuck u

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  1. LOL.. I hope you read this once you're back to normal :D