Friday, January 14, 2011


i had actually thought of writing this yesterday but as you know in a stuck life like mine things you want to happen hardly ever happen and in the end i dint write it
yesterday was fun if i can say so not the kind of fun maybe you folks have but i remember one of my sisters ex telling me that you should learn to innovate and make the most of the things you have and INNOVATE we did indeed , and what an innovation at that , seems yesterday was lohri but seems i ended pronouncing it somewhat weirdly and my friends ended up having a good laugh at that (damm my accent), ok getting back to the innovation part , ha where was i ??????
oh ya innovating and making the most of what we have, so had a flashback just now so let me jot that down too
the first semester was hardly what i had expected , the rat race concept was too high for my old and primitive and remote RADIO to pick up the frequency and had a tough time at that , another thing was when i thought of college i too wanted to go to a good interesting college ,and i ended up in what was its exact opposite , fuck it took an hour just to get to town and town???????? fuck you cant even call it town , sikkim in switzerland( in bubu's words) and i too got the feel of his words then......
so when i began my second semester i had a chance to meet the now Ex and he helped me out and though he will forever will remain an Ex i will be grateful for those words my entire life
yes now to the innovation part , i then learnt that naga's are no longer cannibals though the occasional dog feast continued well into my third year , also forget the rats on the ground when you COULD GET HIGH AND SOAR UP IN THE SKY , so much was the soaring that sometimes almost had an ICARUS moment but no matter at that , im still alive and kicking, those village booze sessions i remember the first time i had it i had to close my nose with one hand and hold the glass in another,  well that shit no longer smells bad , guess i just got immune to it now, went frog hunting in our college lakeside( beat that) and to be frank frog legs are just awesome , so much so into the naga life , since i was only the born sikkimese here those guys really did treat me well, and to add to the tally, fried grasshoppers taste similar to kurkure so dont smirk your faces now that you know what it tastes like , i will never forgot these nagas , they are the family i have here well not exactly , the whole family includes all the nagas and two nepali guys one from mizoram and the other from meghalaya so having those two lost souls also opened for me also  the doors to the mizo and garo kitchens and parties we had in our campus.......... also i think i should not forget manipuri and auranachali guys whose came a close second!!!!!!!!!!!
necessity the mother of invention and i have a first hand experience in that , and if there ever was a degree awarded to really Kaam Chalao innovations then i would not have needed to spend the 4 full years here..
then as time passed i met some whackos like me from the mainland too and lo what company they made..
as i moved on through my second year and third year the population of my beloved naga and garo senior decreased and those mainland guys are my last refuge now
fun was anything and literally anything like climbing up the 70 feet high freestanding tank with vertical stairs just for the thrill of it or go swimming to that filthy lake inside our college campus , what joy in all that
and before it gets too late the reason for missing my writing schedule , yes seems yesterday was lohri and the whacko from kasmir comes to my room at 10 an tells me that during lohri you make a fire and enjoy its warmth , so seems they remembered that the firewood was in my room( heck yeah i have firewood in my room), and they needed it , so the disturbance ..
handing out the firewood i realized that maybe i should join it too and off i went and we ended up having a really funny bonfire dedicating some pieces of discarded old college furniture to the fire god along with my firewood on the terrace !!!!!
actually the firewood was brought to the hostel from the shop by us one fine day when we figured out we wanted to have a barbecue on the terrace from the college sweetshop telling we would pay up for it later ,
its been 3 months now and its time we paid up for his firewood but i guess it would be pretty funny if you saw college students settling dues they need to pay ,
i have now spent almost 4 years here with some months to spare and i know that this innovative streak will continue , ironically the education i am getting here is also supposed to teach me to innovate but well by the sight of it looks somewhere early on the line something went bad , but no regrets at it
after all ""INNOVATION IS INNOVATION""  no matter of what kind or magnitude, and i really do not know whether my innovations have changed something for the better but it definitely has changed my life and that is ALL THAT MATTERS atleast for now!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S this is not the post i intended to be my second but went with the flow so i hope you all dont mind and i really remember your contribution to get me writing so i will remember it no matter what so i hope to do it in a later post !!!!

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