Tuesday, January 25, 2011


my sincere and deepest apologies to rahul da and avvantika , i am really thankful for you both inspiring me to write but i am really really sorry that i could not thank you in a sane state and i frankly hope that when we do meet in person i am sane and would like to thank you in person , and will forever will thank you for the event in which you both have unknowingly contributed so much !!!!!!!!!!!!
so please accept my deepest apologies
as i can expect and am almost too sure both of you have already gome through my last post and no need to worry i have read it more than 3-4 times daily myself too and i am all smiles everytime i go through it so i fianally decided not to delete it . (atleast for now)
oh yes i would like to continue from where i left last time and again no worries as i am not going to be drunk anytime soon again so i trust me when i say that i am all sane and strong today
yes i will not normally accept it but sometimes i am so lost , so lost that i go numb and if you have gone through ""LONELINESS"" then you probably have a idea of the cravass that lies within me , i prefer from looking down when i walk past but like all humans sometimes my legs slip and i fall back into these deep and dark places of isolation and separation and i do not hate it when i am deep down there .
i do not hate the tow contrasting sides of myself , i actually love them for they are completely at peace with each other , they do not interfere with each other and when i am with one of them the other lets go of me , it is the times of transition i am most worried about , the times when i am neither happy nor sad , the times when my two sides are not at peace
i have always been alone , i have had a very few close friends , even fewer confidantes, in the end i ended covering myself in layer after layer but i finally resolved to untangle my inner self
inside me is a mess that even the most difficult crossword seems like a cakewalk , so now i am going to dump all the bullshit here and end my misery in that , all the worthless things is all you all will be getting to read for quite sometime , and i hope you dont mind as all of it is going to make a pretty good read
i was not a very wild and extreme kid but my extremes seem like k2 from far away , definitely not the tallest but definitely something every LULE PAANGRE (read- everyone) has conquered
i hope you get humor in what i write for i am just a novice !!!!!!!!


  1. Relax man.. write for yourself, that's the key :) and while you're at it, try to have fun!

  2. hey...i just read ur last post and this. m sorry m a lil late but i don't get a notification wen u post new stuff so i wasn't aware. nonetheless, laughed a lil at ur previous blog(not at you but how honestly you put your feelings out while intoxicated) and thanks a bunch for appreciating my blog posts. keep writing and i'll make sure i read ur every post :)

  3. hey since u r in Delhi i may have the opportunity to thank u in person as i am being posted in Delhi, i did thank rahul da in person too when i had gone to blore, had got real high that time too,anyway maybe we could catch yup, will let u know once i get there !!!!!